At the dog park

At the cat park (are there cat parks?)

While eating alone at a restaurant

While eating with someone you don’t like at a restaurant

Waiting in gate E18 during a 2 hour flight delay (author’s note, it doesn’t HAVE to be E18, it could be any gate, don’t miss your flight)

While waiting for your over-priced coffee drink to get made

At the beach before you fall asleep and get really burned except for a rectangle on your chest where this e-book ended up

While getting your car washed

While getting your dog washed

While getting your hair cut

While getting your dog’s hair cut

In the bathtub (but don’t drop your e-book in the water!)

During the two minutes between getting anesthesia and going to sleep

At your kids’ soccer game while he or she is on the bench

Any other time you can’t afford to get engrossed in a full novel but want to know what happens at the end

Enjoy your Briefs!

The World Under the Utility Sink

Magical sprites filled the air in the Kingdom of Nagale, singing beautiful songs and twinkling like a million fireflies seen through the trees. Of course, when Edgar tried to catch a few for dinner, they dissipated as if they were nothing but the wind.

Edgar had been here three days and man, was he hungry. The Leprechauns tasted like shoe leather and were about as tough and the wood nymphs squealed when you pulled their arms out until a magical princess came and yelled at you. When you went after her with a fork, she zapped you into the next county for Pete’s sake! How was a guy to get three squares a day in such a rotten place?

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