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This book contains quotes excerpted in brief form and used in accordance with fair use interpretation of U.S. Copyright Law and the Digital Millennial Copyright Act. Every attempt has been made to attribute and credit excerpted material correctly; any errors or omissions should be brought to the attention of the publisher and will be corrected in future editions of the book. This book is a work of fiction that does not represent actual persons living or deceased, and represents only the author’s opinions, not those of any other organization, institution, or persons.

MilSpeak Foundation is not endorsed by the Department of Defense or its entities. MilSpeak Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to raising cultural awareness of creative works by military people. Purchasing this book supports MilSpeak programs and MilSpeak authors. A portion of proceeds from each MilSpeak Book is awarded to the Walter Reed Chaplains Fund, which ministers to the financial and spiritual needs of wounded warriors from all eras; however, this donation does not represent endorsement of MilSpeak Foundation or its programs by the Chaplains or the fund. For more information about MilSpeak Foundation, please visit



I have studied with well-known writers Clyde Edgerton, Besty Cox, Lynn York, Paul Mihas, Tommy Hays, and Kevin Watson. An active member of North Carolina Writers Network, and also a member of Raleigh Write 2 Publish, an ongoing group of writers that meet regularly to read and support other members, I am grateful for my readers who have made publishing this collection possible. I am also an active member of the Raleigh Veterans Group which supports Vets with programs to deal with Anger Management, PTSD, Confrontation Resolution, and a great many other issues that Vets from Korea to Iraq experience. Welcome Home, brothers and sisters, and thank you for your service.

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