John Janovy, Jr.

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © John Janovy, Jr., 2011

This ebook contains copies of all exams given in a couple of large lecture section college biology courses from 2007 through 2010, along with the answers. I hope this document helps you get better grades. There is no guarantee that your own instructor will use questions similar to these, but the material covered in these exams is very standard for introductory biology courses at the college level. I did not take the time to re-number any questions; they’re simply sorted according to subject. Also, you’ll probably discover that teachers may use the same questions over and over again. In all these exams, students were asked to choose the BEST answer. The answers are underlined, although in a few cases they may also be in bold, or bold italics, and I’ve made comments about some questions.

ISBN: 978-1-4657-1697-2

NOTE: Questions #57 – 100 in the final exam for BIOS 103, spring, 2011, may have been based in part on material supplied by a textbook publisher. For that reason, the answers to them are provided free (as they were to the students that semester). To get these free answers, go to

The best way to use this material is to (a) make a vocabulary list from the questions, and (b) learn, or decide, why the wrong answers are incorrect, in addition to making sure you know why the underlined answers are correct. The best way to use a vocabulary list is to ask the three questions: (1) What is it? [Answer with a noun or noun phrase.]; (2) What is its function? [Answer with a verb or verb phrase.]; and (3) Why was it discussed or used in class? [This question is very important and will help put your answers to the first two questions into a proper context.]

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