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Kate Walker

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Kate Walker 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4660-2238-6

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First Time, First Love, And Segovia

by Kate Walker

My sister Fran married and moved into a pretty little town-house with exposed timber ceilings and perfectly white walls. It was one in a row of seven, all new with courtyard gardens and balconies. I came gladly to gush over all she had and be envious as a good sister should. Being younger, I was used to Fran getting everything first: boobs, boyfriends, a B.A. And now a husband and an address in the fashionable old heart of town, half way up Hill Street.

Fran opened the door all smiles, looking very much mistress of her own house in a soft silk kimono. Her hair was pinned up loosely so that just a few stray wisps of it were falling down. She seemed to have achieved womanhood in a day and she glowed with it.

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