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Author’s Note

The Big Picture (New York, 1949)

Hostages (Madrid, 1981)

The New World (San Juan, 1983)

Last Twenty Four Hours (Madrid, 2002)


Author’s Note

The stories in this collection were written over a period of several years, mostly to satisfy personal curiosity about the fates of the two protagonists of Death of a Nationalist, Carlos Tejada the fascist guardia civil, and Gonzalo Llorente, the socialist soldier whose path crosses Tejada’s so fatefully.

I have continued to receive feedback from readers who are also curious, asking if there will be any more novels after The Summer Snow. Most readers accept my reasons for ending the series, but I am touched that they are as invested in the characters as I am, so I have decided to make these stories available so that those who loved and hated the characters in the novels can find out my idea of “what happened afterward.”

While the stories were not written in “chronological” order, I have tried to make them fit together. Those who are not familiar with the characters in Death of a Nationalist, or with the other novels featuring Tejada, should be able to read these stories with relative ease. Be warned, however, that if you have not read Death of a Nationalist or its sequels there are a considerable number of “spoilers” ahead. If you choose to read these stories without reading the books, I hope that they pique your curiosity. In any case, I hope that you enjoy them.

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