There are several people who have had a real positive influence in my life: My brother, Edward for his intuition; my brother, Norman, for being able to see the humor in everything; My brother, Wilfred, for being so clever and resourceful; Mr. Davis, at the Middlesex County Training School for his understanding; Mr. Russell, at the Trade School, for his ability to teach in a way that reached his students;

I especially want to thank my friend, an incredible mother and the love of my life, Lillian, who has been my wife for almost 63 years; who has supported me in everything from the time our relationship began. She has been my biggest piece of luck; John Spuria for being an all-around good man and for being a mentor to me in the plastering trade; and Roy Masters of the Foundation for Human Understanding for his spiritual guidance.

I give my heartfelt thanks to my niece, Donna Casey, Digital Artist, for her assistance in providing such a wonderful cover. If you are a reader and would like more information about Donna, you can contact her at

Finally, many thanks to my daughters, Susan and Joan, for the hours they spent editing and formatting this book. And for Joan’s husband, Ron, I want to recognize all the work he did in cropping and formatting the pictures used throughout this manuscript.

Triumph over Truancy

George Cormier

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