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Tails of Socrates: The Search for Shorty Beard’s Treasure

The Mini-Picture Version

By Michael and Lissie Ham

Copyright 2011 Michael and Lissie Ham at Smashwords

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Salutations and greetings dear reader. My name is Socrates the Dog. Thanks for joining me today as I tell you the tale of Shorty Beard’s Treasure. Now, I don’t know if this is real or not, but it was told to me by the five teddy bears that live with me. Their Big Ones (that’s what teddy bears call humans) all moved in recently because my Big One, Gertie, needs them to help her take over the world. Allow me to introduce these weird little fluffballs.

Schrodinger is the Mad Scientists teddy bear. He has octopus tentacles instead of legs and is always making weird inventions.

Bernie is the Handy Man’s teddy bear. He has tools built into his arms and really loves jelly. He’s really lazy, but when he’s motivated he can fix almost anything.

Liz is the Dinosaur’s teddy bear. She loves classical literature and dressing up. I like Liz the best because she always pets me and tries to find me beef jerky

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