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Excerpt from the New York Times

“MUtation: the stuff of sci-fi and action movies, or is it something much more? Is it a simple stretch of the imagination to believe that the human mind is strong enough and developed far enough, to influence and bend the wavelengths of thought? Is it pure farce to believe in the ability to manipulate flora through pheromones when we know it actively reacts to such? If so, then it is time for the human race to step into a world of fantasy and accept what is facing them. What we should be looking for are the far reaching affects of such Mutations, instead of ignoring what is so readily happening around us. How far into our DNA will these mutations reach? Are all of these mutations for the greater good? Could the misuse of an ability have devastating and far reaching affects? The answers to these and any other questions can only be found by abandoning the blind eye that we’ve turned on knowledge and embracing the turn we are about to take.”

--Dr. Georgio Dravidovich

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