X-Treme Dating


Cathy McDavid

Chapter One

In fifteen minutes, Park Evenson would meet the man of her destiny.

The one.

Her perfect match.

And no high-priced, ill-fitting, over-rated pair of shoes was going to keep her from making a fantastic first impression.

Or, were they?

Come on, girl, push. Give it all you’ve got.” Nalani Kauwe, Park’s best friend, grunted, her face pink with exertion.

I’m trying.” Ignoring the pain, Park sucked in a breath and gritted her teeth. She could feel the veins in her neck bulging. In another few seconds, they’d pop.

Whoever said being beautiful was easy?” Kneeling on the floor, Nalani braced Park’s left foot on her thigh. Together, they wrestled a dainty, red sling-back sandal, which had inexplicably shrunk two sizes since being purchased the previous week. “Point your toes and suck in your stomach.”

Oh, like that will help.”

Just do it,” Nalani ordered.

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