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Cold Shouldered Reception

He flew above the St. Louis skyline, trying to silhouette the the Arch against the moon with his camera. If this shot worked, he’d make a big splash with the school paper. He hovered there for a few moments admiring the view, but decided to keep the pictures for his own private portfolio. Besides, how would he explain being a few hundred feet in the air? He was a college student- he couldn’t afford a helicopter tour at night!

Looking down at the city, he realized he had drifted across the river and away from other familiar landmarks. He floated down and landed on some rich guy’s penthouse balcony.

“At least I didn’t come down on a crackhouse,” he muttered to himself. Thinking about it, he figured out which part of town he was in. Looking down at the streets below showed an absence of any vehicle traffic. This was the Courthouse Sector, where only the city council and other officials lived. He realized that there had to be a million cameras- hopefully there weren’t any pointed at him.

Just as he was about to take off for home to study for the psych quiz, he heard a scream. It didn’t sound like a “having fun” kind of scream. He leaned over the railing to find out if he could see where the scream came from.

On the next building over, across the street, a woman climbed up onto a balcony railing and was screaming at the man who was yelling just as loud back at her. The guy grabbed her ankle as if to steady her, but then raised his other hand and swung with all his might at her thigh! “Get down, you stupid cunt!!” echoed very clearly across the space between buildings.

Even though it was an Indian Summer September night, it was also clearly heard that a number of windows slammed shut.

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