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Allegiance: A Dublin Novella

by Heather Domin

Smashwords 2nd Edition 2013

Copyright 2011 Heather Domin

Cover design by Julie K. Rose

Although this e-book is free, it remains the copyrighted property of the author and may not be reproduced or republished without permission. Support independent publishing by encouraging others to download their own copy at Smashwords. It’s good karma.

Views expressed by the characters of this story do not necessarily reflect those of the author. Rule Britannia, Scotland Forever, Erin Go Bragh, God Defend New Zealand, America Fuck Yeah, etc.

Dedicated with love to the friends who encouraged me in 2005 and then encouraged me again in 2011.



Dublin, Ireland

January 12, 1922

Mr. Young? Lord Christopher will see you now.”

William hadn’t quite got used to the way his name sounded rolling off an Irish tongue. He gave the secretary, a fresh-faced girl whose stiff black perm didn’t match her freckled nose, a smile as he stood and walked past the door she held open for him. He couldn’t resist a low “thank you, love” as he passed, just to see her eyebrows rise at his accent, but his grin lasted only as long as her presence.

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