When the Mob Ran Vegas

Stories of Money, Mayhem and Murder

My Uncle Al would have loved this book.

Deirdre Capone


If you’re a Vegas nut, like we are, you won’t put it down.

Bruce Martin, Producer, On the Felt radio www.MLPoker.com


Hearing Las Vegas tales from the ’50s and ’60s is far more fascinating than hearing stories about other cities during the same years. This is mostly because the players all have nicknames like “Bugsy,” “Icepick,” and “The Ant,” and their real-life activities were more outrageous than the endless fiction they continue to inspire. If The Sopranos is entertaining, true stories from the years when the Mob ran Vegas are downright enthralling. . . .

When the Mob Ran Vegas is a unique glimpse into the past that shaped Las Vegas into what it is today. Whether you find it nostalgic or shocking, whether you wish those days could return or are happy they’ve vanished into the past, Fischer has created a picture of an era that preserves not only faces and facts, but also a personal impression of a city he clearly loves.

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