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For those who truly just want to know what happens next, no matter how mundane, read on for the everyday, ordinary lives of psychic space ninjas playing house.

Chapter 1


Wednesday, December 3


Wow – feels like forever since I've written. December already. Kaoren asked me to start a new diary, for all I'm nowhere near finished reading him even the first one. But he's right that I place less of a filter on myself in these diaries than I do in any conversation, and we both look forward to our reading sessions. I'm finding myself with a lot less time to sit about writing though, so he'll have to make do with a monthly catch-up.

The past few weeks have been all about planning our Arcadian house, tweaking and finalising the rough design we'd blocked out with the program I gave Ys. Kaoren, with his usual efficiency, had carted out a drone and obtained a proper topographic scan of the site for the house – above the waterfall and curving down one side of the little hill. It was great to see how into the project he was: the kids aren't the only ones who have been thinking long and hard about just what they'd like our home to be.

Beyond a shelf built into the bed, I left our bedroom's design to Kaoren, since he has the best idea of what his Sights can cope with. I amused myself with a 'retreat' room – an idea Kaoren liked and promptly copied for himself. We ended up with a stack of three octagons which weren't quite sitting directly on top of each other. The bedroom is in the middle, on what would be the main floor of the building, with windows above the waterfall. There's a side door to a stairwell up and down, as well as out to the patio. Kaoren's retreat will be one floor down, and positioned toward the back, away from the central body of the house. It will be windowless with lots of shelving, and a rear exit to what will be a tiny sunken garden room where he can meditate. All those things in his quarters back on Tare will end up on the new shelves, presuming we ever open the way to Tare.

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