The Lady in the Castle

John Rudram

Co-written by-The Queen, Her Highness, Rose III

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 John Rudram

11 December 1837 A.D, English town.

A Queen descended from the long stairway. Her attire constituted a mask and a white sparkling dress with scarlet coloured designs. The walk was under a starry night, beside the charming gardens. The stars themselves and the petals in flowers seemed to dance with her gait. Righteousness, virtuousness and splendour twinkled around merrily, making her look like a saint with crown headed eminence.

She looked at the reader of this story that is, you reader, and started to speak in a mellifluous voice.

Hello reader of history, yes it is me, Rose III, Queen of Englishland, and I am here to tell you about the machine that changed humanity. The year as you can see above, is 1837. Twenty years, four months and two days before this day, it had all started. To be more appropriate I would call it a night.

It was a dream. Clear and lucid. The garden of my castle grew into a forest, plush and green. A golden light shone behind the trees and I went into the woods to find the source. The thicket cleared and bushed, like the birds flying and reuniting on hearing the first drops of rain.

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