Applause for There’s No Business Without the Show

“Becka gives a stunning performance in this book! It is unique, entertaining and effective as it provides you the trade secrets to give the sales performance of your life. Bravo!”

—David Cottrell

Best-selling author of Monday Morning Leadership and Monday Morning Choices

“If you’re in the sales game to make money and be a star, this is the book to read. This book puts the sizzle back into selling and will show you how to give the performance of your life.”

—Billy Cox

Author of The All-Star Sales Book

“Tom Becka is known throughout talk radio as one of the most personable, entertaining and unique personalities on the air today. He successfully translates his star broadcasting qualities to the field of sales and marketing in this book, the result of which will be the emergence of scores of productive and happy account execs across the nation.”

—Michael Harrison

Talkers Magazine

“This is one of the few times I didn’t want a book to end. If you are in sales, this book will remind you why you get up in the morning....a must-read for anyone who wants to be a success.”

—Van Deeb

Author of Selling from the Heart

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