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The New Mexico Approach to Government

A Policy Guide Created By

Dr. Michael Ham

A candidate for the U.S. Senate, 2012

Over the past 12 years, the public discourse in Washington has risen to an unseemly level of partisanship. However, beneath the public bickering Republicans and Democrats have coalesced into one voice that diametrically opposes the issues voters care most about. At every turn our recent Congress’s have failed to uphold Civil Liberties guaranteed by our Constitution. They bailout their business associates and allow profitable corporations to escape paying the taxes that provide a strong national defense and build public infrastructure vital to long-term economic success. With the advent of the Internet, this business as usual has received an unprecedented level of scrutiny and as a result the voters are furious.

Fueling that anger is the unparalleled deficit spending binges enabled by Republican and Democratically led Legislative and Executive Branches. In a perversion of Capitalism and Keynesian economics, our Federal leadership has created a national debt greater than 14 trillion dollars by spending public monies to reward specific sectors of the economy they perceive as politically favorable.

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