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By Mary V. Young

Copyright 2011 Mary V. Young

First Smashwords Edition 2012

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"Hi, Grandma! What are we doing today?"

"We're going to look for Christmas! Will you help me look?"

Lindsay nodded eagerly. "Where do we start?" she asked.

"Where do YOU think we should start?" Lindsay liked how Grandma asked her that, like she was a real partner, and not just a little girl.

"Ummm.. Is it in the cupboards? Or the closets?"

So they looked in the cupboards. In the first cupboard, they found pots and pans, and the skillet Grandma said she would use to fix supper, but they didn't find Christmas.

The second cupboard held cookie sheets and baking supplies. Grandma set those out, saying they could use them later to bake Christmas cookies. They also found Lindsay's' favorite holiday plate - the one with a picture of a snowman next to a pine tree. Underneath the snowman, it read "Lindsay's First Christmas." Grandma let Lindsay put the holiday plate on the table. "We'll use it later to hold some of the cookies," she said. "But we still haven’t found Christmas, so let's keep looking."

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