Learned Counsel and the Three Bears:

A Tale for Precocious Children, ages 7-107.

By Max G. Bernard

Smashwords Edition


Copyright 2010 Max G. Bernard, all rights reserved

On the cover: "Three Bears," a drawing by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939), now in the public domain.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there were three bears that lived in the forest.

A forest, in case you have never visited one, is a rather boring place with very few movie theaters, very few bars, and – in most forests – even Pizza Huts are few and far between. The three bears, although relatively ignorant of the source of their plight, knew that something was missing.

One day, in an attempt to discern the reason for their boredom, they decided to hold a meeting.

Papa Bear, noting that all bears were present and accounted for, called the meeting to order.

I am sick of this lousy forest!” Mama Bear yelled, “Why don’t we ever go anywhere? Why don’t we ever do anything? Why don’t we ever go visit anyone? Why doesn’t anyone ever come to visit us?”

Yeah!” Baby Bear said. “I’m sick of it too. Same crummy food all the time. Nothing to do, no one to play with. Who needs it? Let’s get out of here.”

Papa Bear thought that Baby Bear’s suggestion was rash and impulsive.

Where would we go? Who knows what lies outside of the forest? I’d be scared to leave! At least here we’re familiar with the surroundings. We know our way around. I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t want to go!”

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