Snippets of a Life

Marsha Phillips

Copyright 2012 by Marsha Phillips

Smashwords Edition

The more I think about it,

The more I like the idea of writing a book. I like the notion that stories and facts so special to me, not end with me. Many of the memories are just those, not whole long stories just snippets that stand out in my mind, like bright bits of sea glass on the shore.

Like the time...

My sister Leah and I were taking my grand-daughters Kayle and Taylor on a birthday weekend shopping trip down to Destin. Any of you that have ever traveled across the toll bridge from Blue Water Bay to Destin will be familiar with the Marina that has the huge murals of sea creatures painted on the outside walls. There is even a place to stop so you can take pictures. I have always got a laugh out of it being called "The Whaling Wall", and I was sharing the joke with my girls as we drove over the bridge.

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