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The Kumquat Legacy

by Randal Koster

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Randal Koster

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1: The Dead Man

When I saw the dead man, he was sitting on a bench in Darcy Park.

I’d better explain that. He wasn’t dead when I saw him that Saturday. He was old, maybe in his 90s, but right then, that Saturday, he was obviously still alive. He died the following week, in his sleep. His heart gave out, just like that. Nobody was surprised. In fact, he amazed his doctor by living as long as he did.

They tell me that he visited Darcy Park a lot, so I must have seen him before. After all, I’m always in that park myself – it’s right near my house, and it’s a good place to hide out from chores and homework. If I did see him before, though, I don’t remember. I only noticed him that Saturday because of where he was sitting – on a bright, shiny green park bench that held a sign reading, in big capital letters, “KEEP OFF – WET PAINT”. He was looking straight ahead, at nothing in particular. His fingers danced lazily up and down on the back of the bench, just above the sign.

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