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Little Green Men From.....

Raymond Daley

Copyright 05/11/2011 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

Five years.

That's how long each member of the crew had been given.

Not a death sentence, nor a life sentence either.

Estimated possible survival rate, that's what the medics had told each person.

The name of the ship had been chosen by its crew. The Charon.

Five years of deep space exploration. They each had nothing to lose, every one of them was a terminal case so no-one was afraid of the risks from prolonged exposure to cosmic radiation.


Log one, As we have no military personnel aboard we have decided to do away with titles like Captain or Commander. No one person is in charge of this mission. Either we all decide our own fates or none of us do. By choosing to launch we have already made the biggest choice. Mission Control verified the location of the signal.

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