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The Viking and the Vendetta

A. J. Braithwaite

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 A. J. Braithwaite

For Niamh

Chapter One

"How about if we meet up in London one day?" suggested Pagan. "You know, see the sights, hang out together?"

"Great idea!" replied Luke. He was lying on his bed, chatting to Pagan Randall on his mobile phone, as he had done on most days of the summer holiday. "I'll ask Mum and Dad if it's OK and call you tonight to let you know."

Just then, his bedroom door burst open and his dad came into the room, as though he'd been summoned by Luke's words. He was gripping a printed piece of paper and looking highly annoyed about something. He pointed at the phone in Luke's hand and then drew his finger across his throat. Luke got the message.

"I've got to go, Pagan. Speak to you later," Luke promised. He ended the call. His father came over to the bed and took the phone out of his hand, turning it off.

"We got you this so that you could call us from time to time when you were away at school. Not so that you could spend a small fortune whispering sweet nothings to your girlfriend." He passed the piece of paper to Luke.

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