Accolades for Black Passenger Yellow Cabs

“This is an exploration of deviant cultures in an "exotic land" that teeters on the edge of academic reflexive ethnography, edgy sex research that would have made Kinsey proud. A Henry Miller-esque porn-memoir. This inquiry treads where most qualitative researchers fear to gaze."

Michael Hemmingson, Author: Zona Norte: An Auto/ethnography of Desire and Addiction. Screenwriter: Watermelons

“As the litany of sex 'scandals' to befall political and religious leaders reminds us, there remains a major gulf between how sexual desire is socially regulated and how it animates individual fantasies and practices. Bryan is one of the few who is prepared to both act on his strongest sexual inclinations while having the courage to lay those impulses bare for others to interrogate. Whether titilated or revulsed, all readers must agree that such an exercise is a major contribution to a more honest and reflexive relationship to sexual desire in general.”

Jamie Paquin
PhD Candidate, Global Studies
Sophia University

“Guns, sex and racial suicide. And that’s just chapter one.”

Alon Ziv, Author: Breeding Between the Lines.

“This work is important, revealing and took a lot of courage to write.”

Lawrence J. Goss, Amazon Kindle reader.

“This book is worth reading if one would like to understand the psyche of the third world. Maybe one has to have seen where the likes of Bryan grew up and understand the incredible, sheer luck it took to crawl out of such a hole and be able to write a memoir of his experiences. That this author could still access his feelings, write about them and eventually overcome his sex addiction is laudable. As an example of overcoming obstacles in a way that most people in the first world can't even begin to comprehend, it is a shining hope for others. The sexual experiences in the book are simply examples of his addiction, but if one read through that to the sensitivity he shows in understanding the abuses the women went through to be so available to him and other western men, that’s what makes it interesting. Much more of the world has these underlying abuses as part of their culture. The first world would be smart to pay more attention to what is being said in this book and others like it, which unwrap the brain and emotions of foreign cultures. Then maybe there would be a little understanding and less bumbling in their foreign relations. Don't read this book for the sexual content, read it for the sensitivity it exhibits to two cultures not your own, but cultures that are valid nonetheless and reflect a large part of the population of the globe.”

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