By T.A. Wardrope

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The saying goes that every adventure begins with a single step, but in my case, the adventure began with a single meeting. I had been writing freelance for the rock and roll magazine RAWK, but just recently transitioned from the freelance ranks on the virtue of a story I had written about the buzz-generating Atlanta band Orlock. As a result, I also had a few nervous interviews on MTV and some local shows about the time I spent with the band. I was the little guy with the cracking voice and the mop top.

Marcus, my editor, summoned me in to his office and laid it all out before me.

“Lewis, I’d like you to go to Oslo and spend some time with this band…Fimbultver.”

“Fimbultver.” The correct pronunciation.

“Yeah. Things are getting pretty crazy over there; figure we should get on it before the Stone or Shred. This is more our territory, anyway.”

“Uhhh…they’re pretty intense. I don’t want my head on a pike at one of their shows.”

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