Originally printed in the collection, Boneyard Babies.

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I first wrote about the dead little boy, Dylan, in the novella I wrote with Gary A. Braunbeck, “The Big Hollow,” which appeared in Escaping Purgatory (IFD Publishing 2001). I liked the character and wanted to do more for him (I know this sounds a little weird). I wrote “Brittle Bones and Old Rope” so I could develop him further and give his existence more meaning. Once you’ve read the story, I think you’ll know what I mean.

Alan M. Clark

Brittle Bones and Old Rope

By Alan M.Clark

Little Dylan died and was laid to rest when he was five years old. Although he was stuck in the withering body of a child, he had grown emotionally in the ten years he’d spent in the small graveyard. Grieving for his lost life, while it didn’t make him feel whole, was enough for a long time. But lately, his grief had all but run out, leaving him with a hole in his heart and a purposeless existence. He might have considered passing on, but that was too frightening to think about.

The other dead who remained there, seven of them altogether, went about their business as if what they did was important, and it seemed to give them a sense of purpose.

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