Feeding Your Soul

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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Every day you feed your body. But who feeds your soul?

Your soul will not be satisfied with earthly food. It craves the connection with the divine. Feed it.

Surround yourself with inspiration. Music, good books, good friends. Meditation. Yoga. Good healthy food.

But also make sure your mind is not being led astray. Negative thoughts will steal the good food from your soul.

Be alert. Catch the negative thought as it comes in. Stop it in its tracks.

The truth is pure and bright. Negativity is the devil’s seed. He plants it in you to take you away from the life of joy that is your birthright. Your soul is full of light. No darkness lives there. If you allow the negative thoughts in, the soul is starving.

Feed your soul.

Let each moment be a Zen moment. Be in the now. Feel everything around you as if it is a very precious thing. Appreciate everything.

The snow on the ground is pristine and beautiful. Don’t complain that you have to shovel it. Enjoy.

The night is dark and cold, brilliant with stars. Don’t wish it were summer. Look up, if you dare, at the heavens filled with the unknowable universe. You are a part of that.

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