John Rudram

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 John Rudram

IPP: - Interplanetary Postman, was the tag that was stitched, with laser threads on the ceramic flexi shirt of Quan Ciblum.

People thought of protecting the Earth and had moved to moon and mars. Ciblum had a small company of his own, on the moon. Ciblum Courier Service was the name he had chosen for it. Every morning he would rise at 5:30 and look to the heavens. He would see the blue planet Earth and revere its divinity. Many days he would feel lost in the wonderment of days when humanity lived on that mystic planet. All the holy places were still on Earth. The wise people of the Interplanetary Council had decided that the pollution would anyway rise on the moon and mars in the near future. The places of divinity should stay on Earth where purity still existed.

Let everyone in the world be peaceful and happy,” prayed Ciblum.

Ciblum was bestowed with an ability to fly around the planets. So every week he would take the parcels and fly off to Mars and Earth. Those who wanted to tour the Earth or offer something to Gods booked their order in the Ciblum Courier Service Office situated at the Sea of Tranquillity, Peace District, Nice City, Pin code- 2343, Moon. Orders could be sent by satellite mail as well A similar office was set up on Cool Street, Water Road, Simple City, Olympus Mons, Pin Code 34442, Mars.

He would make weekly trip to Earth on his own to offer his prayers.

Today was one such day. Ciblum was very happy. He was on the Earth. He crushed a super mineral rock in his hands. From it, huge positive energy flowed into the universe and people in all the planets felt a sudden surge of happiness. He prayed for everyone’s benefit and well being. After few moments of self contemplation, Ciblum jumped from the Earth and flew towards the Moon.

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