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Pursuing Arkansas Gold and Diamonds

Glenn W. Worthington

Copyright 2012 by Glenn W. Worthington

Smashwords Edition

This is the true story of how I sought for, and found, genuine diamonds and gold in Arkansas. My discovery was awarded “One of the Best Finds of 2008” by Western and Eastern Treasure Magazine. Exact locations and details are given so that you, too, can pursue and find Arkansas gold and diamonds.

Pursuing Arkansas Gold and Diamonds

Less than fifty years after Columbus discovered The New World an army of 600 men led by Hernando DeSoto landed in Florida. Between 1539 and 1543 they tramped across Georgia, The Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. But DeSoto’s conquistadors spent more time in Arkansas than in any other state. And just what were they doing in The New World? They were searching for gold! Or, more specifically, they were looking for Indians who had found gold. DeSoto and his army planned to steal the Indian’s gold and make themselves rich.

That plan had worked well a few years earlier in Peru, South America. DeSoto had been with Pizzaro when he had robbed the Incas in 1532. DeSoto helped capture the Inca ruler, Atahualpa, who ordered his subjects to fill an entire room with gold and silver in order to purchase his freedom. His subjects did exactly that, but Pizzaro killed Atahualpa anyway. DeSoto and his men hauled off the loot. This is how DeSoto gained the wealth he needed to set off on the expedition to also rob the North American Indians of their gold. But his plans failed after realizing that the poor, North American Indians had no gold to steal.

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