Chapter 1 SO HERE YOU ARE…….

You are used to spending like a drunken sailor with a fist-full of credit cards. But now, even you see these over-priced designer jeans and expensive electric toys just languishing in the kid’s room and gathering dust as extravagant and unnecessary purchases all while the kids play happily with the boxes.

Your credit cards are maxed out or even canceled. Your credit rating is rapidly declining. Your income is decreasing. The bills are piling. What now? You’re going to have to face reality and learn to live well on a lot less money. At least until the economy improves. It’s not going to be so bad. It can be done and you can do it. All you have to do is have a plan.

I have an aunt who married at 17 went on to raise three great girls and take care of a lovely home with a beautiful garden. She was very happy until she was suddenly widowed at 62. On finding herself short on money and somewhat bored she ended working at a local 7-11. Was she hired because of her extensive resume? I doubt it. She was probably hired because of her sunny smile, friendly disposition, and willingness to be there, dressed appropriately and ready for work at 4 am., six days a week.

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