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Hugh macnab

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The true cost of Anxiety or Depression

Why recovery can sometimes be so difficult

Mental or Emotional Health?

What if there's really not much wrong

So, how can you get better, - quickly?

Step one – understand the need for control

Step two – calm down past troublesome events

Step three – understand emotional capacity

Step four – challenge your beliefs

Step five – understand your needs

The Human Approach – personal requirements

The Human Approach – program format

The Human Approach – where to find it

My grand-daughter - understanding PTSD

Case files - anger, anxiety, bulimia and self-harm, childhood abuse, childhood trauma, depression, disturbed sleep, heroin addiction, OCD, phobias, PND, PTSD, rape, work stress.

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The author

Hugh Macnab is a psychotherapist on a mission to help as many people as possible overcome their Anxiety or Depression.

This book is an introduction to a website which offers free treatment for both Anxiety (including panic attacks and PTSD) and Depression, and is a personal contribution to society. The website can be found at

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