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What kids told the author about this and other Starlight books:

I got the book Starlight, Star Bright. It is my favorite so far. My brother hates horses, but Loves your books, so I think you made a great accomplishment. I want you to write ten billion books. I did a report on Miranda and Starlight and got an A+. Thank you sooooooo much for the books. I’m looking forward to reading your future books.

Jessica, age 9, Massachusettes

I loved your books because I always read all horse stories but yours were better than most. Your series was more sophisticated (both in writing and in character development) than most. I liked specifically how you give the Miranda and the characters challenges that don’t have very obvious solutions. It’s more like real life, not all tied up in bow. It makes me want to keep reading them and I think they will make a very good movie.

Celeste, Age 13, Saratoga, CA

I want to write and tell you how much I love your Starlight books. I’m 13 years old and have been riding since I was born. I can really relate to Miranda. I am going through the same things that she has with friends. I can’t wait for more of your books.

Brooke, Age 13, Plain City, UT

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