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Copyright Jan. 7, 2012

Smashwords Edition

By Bill Rose

Giving Up Parker

I gave Parker up for adoption today. The lump in my throat is the size of a tennis ball. I held him tightly for the last few minutes while my tears soaked his fur. He was shaking. He knew something was changing but of course didn’t know what. After filling out the paperwork, I put him in the cage they assigned to him, closed the door and didn’t look back.

I went outside the building and sat on one of the benches and cried my eyes out. Not for me. For him. He’s a sweet little guy, had no inclination that I was about to abandon him, and I had no way of explaining to him that now that we’re homeless and living out of a car, it just wasn’t fair to keep him from the world where he could find a better life. I cried for my failure. I made a commitment to this little guy 8 years ago to give him the best life a dog could possibly have, a commitment I made because I had retired and knew the best thing you can do for a dog is to be with them. I gave him the best of medical care, food, trips to all the parks in the city at least once daily, lots of combing and love and care. I wiped the water from his eyes constantly cause by his allergies, gave him flea medicine at the first sign of a flea, cringed when he didn’t feel good after eating something gross, rubbed his chest frequently and always yielded when he would sit up, look at me and wave both front paws up and down.

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