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The One Commandment

Raymond Daley

Copyright 7/1/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

They'd looked long and hard for Opto.

He was the last of his kind. No other model existed.

The field minders had searched in the fields, the rock crushers had searched in the quarries, the dredgers had searched in the seas, the thermos had searched at night, the telescopes had searched the stars. Every other class of robot had searched for one hundred centuries.

It was the penner that eventually found Opto, sitting on a shelf in a store room in a long forgotten industrial warehouse.

"Are you an OCR model?" the penner asked Opto?

"Yes," replied Opto "I am a Mark 3 Optical Recognition unit, fitted with all known written languages".

The penner was hailed as a hero, news of his discovery was broadcast across the airwaves and he was ferried away on the back of a freight loader with Opto.

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