The Train

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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No one seemed to know when the train was coming.

Excuse me, sir,” Stephanie asked the station attendant. “Could you please tell me when the train is due to arrive?”

He didn’t even look up. A swirl of smoke from his cigar filled the room. Stephanie choked back her revulsion.

She was getting desperate. If Calvin didn’t arrive soon, she would have to go on without him. They had planned this trip for months. It was his idea. So where was he?

Stephanie looked around for help. Surely somebody in this stupid station had more courtesy.

She sauntered up to a tall man, standing rigid by the track. He was wearing a gray business suit and carrying the standard briefcase.

Um, excuse me…” she started.

But the man ignored her.

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