Spanish Recipes

The taste of Spain in your kitchen
Volume I

Victoria Twead and Gayle Macdonald

Photographs by Iain Macdonald


For the wonderful villagers of Orce and El Hoyo


Back in 2004, I nagged poor, long-suffering Joe into relocating to a tiny, remote mountain village in Andalucía, and my passion for Spanish food began. When I was writing Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, I wanted to include a few recipes given to me by the villagers. However, I wanted more. What a stroke of luck it was when I found Gayle and Iain!

"Of course!" they said. "Help yourself! Use any recipes you want!"

So I did, and I have shamelessly plundered their recipes and expertise for my books ever since.

There’s not much that Gayle doesn’t know about Spanish cuisine and she tests and tries every recipe, whether traditional or new. Self-taught, she is an instinctive chef with a talent for the taste and colour of Spanish cooking. Iain is the photographer, and his pictures are enough to make one’s mouth water. Their knowledge of Spanish cookware, cured meats and customs is breath-taking and I heartily recommend their website,

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