Cocovanilla and the Ice Veil” Book One of The Ice Veil Tales

Written & illustrated by Ora Munter

Calligraphy by Scott Polenz

© Copyright 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4524

Smashwords Edition


Between birth and death is breath. Follow its course and feel love’s source.

Throughout The Ice Veil Tales Cocovanilla and Crunch make many choices. When they remember to “inhale, exhale and trust the Ice Veil,” they choose what’s best.

This simple trick can help you choose what’s best in your life too.

Here’s how to “inhale, exhale and trust the ice veil.”

Step One: Place your finger tips on each side of your belly button. Now gently inhale through your nose. Smell the air and fill your belly with its magic.

Step Two: Gently exhale through your nose. Feel your breath breeze away.

Step Three: Breathe. Feel your tummy rise and fall as each breath comes and goes. Listen to its flow and you will hear what you need to know.

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