Gone – Fumbonk gone’ was all Alex would say while she continued to search for this elusive object whatever it was.

So Mummy decided to help Alex find her Fumbonk but of course she didn’t know what a Fumbonk was, how big it was, what colour it was and so on, and while Mummy looked behind the curtains, the chairs, the sofas and round the backs of the doors in the living room, not a single Fumbonk could be found.

While Mummy was doing this, Alex walked out of the living room and into the drawing room, and as she did, she cried ‘here it is – Fumbonk.’

Mummy heard right away and crossed the hallway into the drawing room, the biggest room in the whole house. In the middle of the room, right in the middle of the big rug sat Alex. She looked sad and a bit mystified.

Gone,’ was all she said.

Knowing what was coming, Mummy asked Alex ‘what’s gone my dear?’

Fumbonk – gone!’ was the reply.

So Mummy being such a good Mummy, helped again and looked all round the big drawing room, but like before. She didn’t know what a Fumbonk was, so it was hard to know if she would recognize a Fumbonk if she saw one. She picked up a few of Alex’s toys and asked if any of them was the Fumbonk. Alex just shook her head. Not one of them was, and Mummy even picked up her purse in case a Fumbonk was Alex’s new name for it, but it wasn’t of course.

After a few moments of fruitless searching, Mummy bent down, picked Alex up from the floor and carried her across to the big couch that overlooked the front garden.

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