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My American Journey
My years in poetry slam and Bush’s America collide

Poetry by The Klute



As the walls came tumbling down So, the secrets that we shared I believed you by the palace gates. Now the savage days are here

- David Bowie

"Really, all America wants is cold beer, warm pussy, and a place to shit with a door on it.”

- Mr. Ford

Copyright 2008© The Klute, All rights reserved. 2nd Edition. No, really. I actually sold out of the first run. Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate, but if you feel the need to mutilate something after reading this book, then I’ve done my job. Keep away from open flame (this means YOU, crazy right-wing religious zealots). For entertainment purposes only, and is not a suitable replacement for actually paying attention to the last 8 years.

My American Journey:
My Years in Poetry Slam and Bush’s America Collide
(c) 2008 Bernard Shober, except as credited
. All Rights Reserved
This Chapbook published by Brick Cave Media.

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