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a planet in the middle of nowhere

book 2

the World of Hope

(part two)

by DRK

© 2010, 2012 by DRK

Smashwords edition

This one's dedicated to those who acted in haste (and published before sufficient editing) and then repent in leisure (after seeing all the errors in their ebooks), but then they go on to repair their ebooks (see book 1, which I intend to edit it better than I had, before going on to book 3- If you found a few sentences there which were clumsy and nonsensical in book 1, check it out in a few weeks from now, and it should be a better ebook read by then).


(from book 1, but I thought it good to use it again)

During a lengthy lay-off, I made a blog-serial (which no one noticed)- a planet in the middle of nowhere- its address is I wrote this story on it, the story of the World of Hope. However, since I didn't always have access to a computer or the internet, I finished the story by hand and never posted the end on my blog. Now I am tweaking it and polishing it (I hope), making it more consistent. You can find updates on my progress for the rest of the story on my old blog.

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