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Cover art by Andreas Bell:


Writing is said to be lonely work, and it sure can look that way from the outside. But if I could teleport into my office all the people that help my books come to life, you’d see that it isn’t lonely at all. Linda Anderson would be there the most, surrounded by red pens drained of ink and a good number of empty M&M wrappers. Andreas would be in the corner, painting covers for books I haven’t dreamed up yet, while Katherine Coolon and Kira Miles occasionally pop in to lift me up or smack me down, depending on how my ego is fairing that day. Zate Lockard would be there as well, waiting patiently by the door, since my books never see the light of day before he’s had his say. Occasionally my mom would barge in, hopefully with a vacuum cleaner to take care of the mess around me. (And no, I don’t live at home anymore, but a guy can fantasize, right?) Add in all the wonderful readers and reviewers, and you’d end up with a workspace that is more crowded and much happier than any corporate cubical farm. In short, thank you one and all for making my long hours of toil feel like one big picnic.

For Kati, who once saved me from three very nasty bullies, and who has had my back ever since.

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