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Nikki and the Vampire

A flash fiction story

By: Yari Garcia
Copyright 2012 by Yari Garcia
Smashwords Edition


Nikki and the Vampire

Nikki curled a strand of brown hair around her finger over and over again. She was in algebra class, bored out of her mind and looking over at the guy she had heard so much about. His name was Adrian, a sophomore who had arrived at the school only a week ago. Already everyone was talking about this mysterious guy. He had gorgeous dark hair-- the kind that looks better the messier it is. His skin was ivory and pale, his eyes an intense shade of green, his lips a constant shade of peach. He was tall and thin, but by no means scrawny. She let her eyes wander towards the naked back of his neck. As if sensing her, he turned around to look straight at her.

Nikki was never easily embarrassed, but this time she felt herself tense up as if she had gotten caught doing something wrong. She flashed him a quick smile and started sketching in her notebook. He smiled and turned back around.

Isn’t he dreamy?” Nikki’s best friend, Rebecca, gushed at lunch time.

Not you too!” Nikki groaned. She was sick of hearing about him the entire week, even if he was dreamy.

What?” Rebecca protested, “He’s adorable, and there’s a mysterious aura about him. Like he’s a vampire or something…”

Please don’t say that”, Nikki said poking at her pasta with her fork.

Are you gonna eat that?”

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