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The Plattsmouth II

The saga of Joan

The Plattsmouth was under way. The Plattsmouth was a typical Quant starship, with minor exceptions. It carried and was controlled by a human crew. All the human team had been implanted with brain implants which allowed them virtual access to the Quants and the AI controls of the ship. This ship was a first of its kind and hopefully not the last. Phil, the head Avatar of the Quant world wanted this to be the norm. Humankind had become too dependent on the Quants, and that was going to change. Phil had taken this path with the humans to drive out the petty jealousy, greed, and inhumanity in man. He saw it as a small price to pay for bringing good to the human race, giving humanity a place in the Universe. If nothing were done, Humanity would destroy itself. He now had to wrestle with the fact that humans were at a turning point, and if he did not re-introduce some degree of normalcy, humans would become non-productive, un-imaginative, and un-creative. Joan and Conway were the seeds to a new future for the human race. Joan’s current endeavor would lead to re-introduction of free trade, self-control, and kindle the flame of creativity.

Up till now, the Avatars were always present, and always able to subvert crime. The instance of crime had dropped to near zero in the last few thousand years. There would be bumps, but Phil had faith in human nature and was sure in the end they would come out of it better for the wear.


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