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This book is dedicated to Connie Kevlock, Jimmy, Casey and Emma Salerno, John Salerno, Jeff Salerno, Gerald Salerno and my mother, Loraine Salerno. They are my inspiration and bring me much joy. I want to communicate my fond memories of my deceased father, Dr. Silvio Salerno.


I would like to acknowledge Connie for her objective and fair criticism and her endurance in her dedication to editing this text.


“Why does one man kill another man?” He asked filled with rage. “Have we learned anything from history? The twentieth century alone has been a bloodbath filled with wars, terrorism, genocide and atrocities that typically show that man will never change. Since the beginning of time, we have killed one another, violated another man’s rights, stolen from another and violated the basic fundamental laws of society and religion. Do we not see or are we blind? Are we so self absorbed that we fail to see where we have gone wrong? Does any religion teach use to kill, injure or violate other men?” He looked directly into the camera and the viewers could feel his passion.

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