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The Superion Gambit


Norman C. Stoker

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2009 Norman C. Stoker

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1

Lamont dived to the cold ground with a thud, letting the violent flurry of cool wind blow over him. He drew a heavy breath as he jumped to his feet and measured his opponent. His left hand shook uncontrollably as he concentrated on gathering all of the electric and static energy within and around him. He focused all of the energy into his blade-staff, which he brandished in his right hand. The metal staff glistened with a blue tinge as he raised it over his head in a demonstration of grandeur, like a shaman calling forth the wrath of nature. His body shimmered with blue and yellowish energy. With both his hands, he spun the blade-staff over his head, an even greater show of unnecessary melodrama. A sizzling, crackling sound echoed throughout the valley as a tight bolt of glistening blue lightning sailed towards Hector, who was also known by the appropriate nickname of Hurricane.

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