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Stanley and the Football Sock


Stephanie J Dagg

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Copyright 2011 Stephanie J Dagg

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Stanley and the Football Sock

“Stanley Thomas Ian Nigel Kevin Smith!” shouted Mum.

“Uh-oh!” thought Stanley. “I’m in trouble. A lot of trouble!”

Stanley could always tell how much trouble he was in from how many of his six names Mum used. Stanley on its own meant no trouble. Stanley Thomas meant a bit. Stanley Thomas Ian was getting more serious. Stanley Thomas Ian Nigel was something to start worrying about. Stanley Thomas Ian Nigel Kevin meant at the very least no pocket money for a week. But add the surname too and that spelt TROUBLE. (Actually, as you’ve probably noticed, it spells STINKS. Stanley was named after his uncles. Sadly his mum and dad didn’t think very carefully about the order they gave the names to Stanley in. No prizes for guessing Stanley’s nickname.)

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