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Wrestling With Depression

Glenn W. Worthington

Copyright 2012 by Glenn W. Worthington

Smashwords Edition

I’ve been robbed! Stop! Thief!” I should have shouted. But by the time I realized that my joy had been stolen I was too depressed to feel like doing anything about it. That same thing had happened to me many times before. A pattern had developed in my life that was so recurrent I could almost mark my calendar ahead of time.

I had received Jesus as my Savior. He made a new creature out of me. He brought about a lot of beautiful changes in my life, but one thing did not change. I seemed to continue on the same, emotional, rollercoaster ride that I had been strapped into all of my life. I would live emotionally up on top of everything for a few months. Then I would plunge way down low and suffer a week or two of agonizing depression. Later, it would ease up, and I could climb back up on top again.

When I was up, I read my Bible daily, served the Lord with gladness, and drew closer to God. But then those emotionally low times would come upon me without warning. It would almost become a drudgery to read my Bible. I felt I could not witness to anyone. And my prayers seemed to get tangled in a dark net that hung over me, making me feel as though my prayers and cries for help were not even being heard.

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