About Falling in Love

Yari Garcia
Copyright 2012 by Yari Garcia
Smashwords Edition


You can’t fall in love”, she said to me. “I’ve fallen before, it hurts.”

I looked into her big brown eyes. They were so dark they seemed pitch-black. I was wasting time, and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I humored her.

Really? Did it hurt very badly?”

Yup”, she replied, her face bright and glowing in the sun like any other four year old. She skipped around a few times in a hop-scotch motion, then turned back to me, “I scraped both my knees.”

Ah”, I said, trying my best to seem impressed, and suppressing my giggles. She was too cute. I didn’t want her to think I was laughing at her.

Truth is, I had been on a binge the week before. Just your typical break-up scene from the latest rom-com. I was shoveling spoonfuls of fudge ice cream into my pie hole (speaking of pie, I had some blueberry slices, too).and watching romantic movies. And for the record, who said romantic movies help at all during a break up??? They so don’t…


I realized she was showing me her scars. Her right knee had apparently been scraped up pretty good.

I see, wow…” I replied. She hop-scotch-hopped around some more.

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