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The Lingering Clasp of the Hand’: Literary Collaborations 1885 – 1905

ISBN: 9781466077249


 When this project began there were milestones already in place erected by Stephen Heath, Wayne Koestenbaum, Eve Kosovsky Sedgwick and Rebecca Stott.  Yet these edifices pointed to the need to produce, and the need for further elucidation on, an innovative theory of male bonding in relation to literary representation.  These writings invited my own collaborative endeavours with them, and thus I became an uncontracted fellow worker to take further forward the criticism connecting important research by sexual historians and sexual theorists with literary discourse.

 The research on Haggard was largely undertaken at the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich, and that on related work was engaged in at the Senate House Library of the University of London, the Brynmor Jones Library at Hull, and the Library of the University of Southern California at San Diego.  I should like to thank the staff of those institutions for their co-operation, help and advice. 

 I would also like to thank Andrew Noble, David Jarrett, Owen Knowles, Dr Catherine Wynne, Dr Brian Rigby and Mark Landon, who confounds all stereotypes.

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