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Table of Contents

Introduction: I’ve Been There

Chapter 1: The Key to Your Competitive Edge

Chapter 2: Getting Started … and Setting Goals

Chapter 3: Planning Your Meals

Chapter 4: Which Foods Fit Your Needs?

Chapter 5: Your Weight-Loss Training Table

Chapter 6: Your Weight-Gain Training Table

Chapter 7: Feeding the Athlete in You

Chapter 8: Building Endurance

Chapter 9: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Chapter 10: Working Out, Weighing In

Chapter 11: Rest to Be Your Best

Chapter 12: Foods to Fight Illness & Heal Injuries


I’ve Been There

That you’re reading Eating to Win probably means you play sports of some sort, run marathons, or simply believe energetic physical activity is the road to health and happiness. You could be an 18-year-old who plays on your high school football or basketball team or a middle-aged “weekend warrior” who hits the tennis court or golf course now and then. You could be a grandparent determined to get in an hour of walking each day to keep your heart strong and your weight steady. Or you might even be among those select few who’ve entered the hallowed realm of professional sports. Whatever the case, you live a physically active life, and you like it.

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