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Marin yelped again as one of the creatures touched her. She jerked back. Drew could feel her fear spiking. The creatures seemed to grow stronger, more solid as they struck at her.

Are they feeding on her fear, or just on her? Drew didn’t have time to overthink any theories. He barreled through the ring of greys, which hissed and recoiled as he blew past them.

Grabbing for Marin’s arm, he took a bare moment to count how many of them there were, realizing to his horror that more were coming from the left, across the marshy meadow. Damn. We’re in trouble. We don’t even know that we can get past them, get through them.

Once he caught hold of the younger woman, he yanked Marin toward him. Her hand was like ice and she was shivering as he pulled her against his chest.

“So cold,” she mumbled through chattering teeth.

Drew looked around them. The greys were closing, hissing angrily at him for his interference. He could feel their mischief turn to malice in a heartbeat.

Marin shrunk against his chest, shivering more violently, dark eyes wide. Drew couldn’t feel the cold that she clearly felt, but the way she was trying to scramble up him to get away from them told him that just busting through and running wasn’t going to be an option. He was running out of choices.

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